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CoolerMiser CM171 w/o Sensor

CoolerMiser CM171 w/o Sensor

Indoor Secondary Unit with EZ-Install & 10' Repeater Cable

Save money and conserve energy with the CoolerMiser.

CoolerMiser CM171 is a secondary unit to be linked to the CM150 or the CM170, adding additional sensors to one energy controller. Up to three CM171 units can be connected to a CM150 or a CM170 for a total of four units controlled by one sensor. The CM171 comes with an EZ Mount Z-Bracket which attaches directly to cooler with industrial strength velcro. CoolerMiser controls glass-front coolers that contain non-perishable goods. Machines suitable for control by CoolerMiser typically have glass sliding doors or pull-open doors.

Parts Included:

  • 1 CM171 ready for installation
  • 1 EZ Mount L-Bracket
  • 1 10' Repeater Cable

What is CoolerMiser?

CoolerMiser is a power controller and sensor kit that regulates your power consumption while keeping your products fresh.

The External CoolerMiser uses an energy controller and a machine mounted sensor which monitors room occupancy and temperature. The CoolerMiser will power down the machine if 15 minutes pass without any pedestrian traffic. The machine will power back up when traffic returns and in regular intervals to keep your products cold and fresh. If your cooler is in a low traffic area then an external controller is best.

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