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Pre-Fabricated Strip Curtain Rolls - Freezer (QS428B0203020092A)

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Pre-Fabricated Strip Curtain Rolls - Freezer (QS428B0203020092A)

QuickStrip™ Prefabricated PVC Rolls are the fastest, easiest way to replace worn vinyl strips in your existing strip door kit. Full length vinyl rolls, with individual strip perforated at the length specified by the customer at the time of order, and with mounting holes pre-punched on 2” centers in the strip for fast easy installation. Made with the softest, most flexible, low temp formulation on the market, to prevent strips from cracking in cold temperatures. Designed for freezer applications to -40° F.


PVC Strip Sizes: 8" x .080" x 300'
Min/Max Operating Temp: -40° / 90°
Federal Food Safety Standards: Compliant
UV Protected for Direct Sunlight: No

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