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SUNLED MR16 Series - 5w - 300 Lumens

SUNLED MR16 Series - 5w - 300 Lumens

The LED MR16 bulbs are a direct replacement for traditional MR16 Halogen lamps. Our MR16 LED light bulbs can produce as much light as a halogen, while saving 86% of the energy when compared to a thirty-five (35) watt MR16 halogen light bulb. It comes with a built-in heat-sink and a 36 degree optic lens.

Product specifications

Model Number
Input Power
Lamp Base
SUNLED-5NDMR16/30K 5W 300 3000K Bi-Pin GX5.3 120V
SUNLED-5NDMR16/41K 5W 300 4100K Bi-Pin GX5.3 120V


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