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Vending Miser VM171 w/o Sensor

Vending Miser VM171 w/o Sensor

Indoor Secondary Unit with EZ-Install & 10' Repeater Cable

Save money and conserve energy with the VendingMiser.

VendingMiser VM171 is a secondary unit to be linked to the VM170 adding additional sensors to one energy controller. Up to three VM171 units can be connected to a VM170 for a total of four units controlled by one sensor. VendingMiser is for use on refrigerated vending machines.

Parts Included:

  • 1 VM171 ready for installation
  • 1 10' Repeater Cable

What is VendingMiser?

VendingMiser is a power controller and sensor kit that regulates your power consumption while prolonging the lifespan of your machines.

The External VendingMiser uses a controller and a machine mounted sensor which monitors room occupancy. The VendingMiser is activated when a customer is within 25 feet of the machine and powers down the machine after 15 minutes of vacancy.

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